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Who are we?

Red Jewel Nursery is a family owned business specializing in the supply of green top (leaf on) strawberry runners for the Australian industry. Red Jewel Nursery has been supplying high quality strawberry runners for over 15 years.


Our property is located 5km to the west of Ballandean, in the hills at the southern end of the Granite Belt in Southern Queensland at an altitude of 750 metres. The mixture of climate, fine sandy soil and altitude in addition to the significant water storage available to Red Jewel has also proven successful for the production of strawberry runners for Queensland’s winter fruit production areas.


We are also developing a new high health and plug plant production facilities near Armidale in northern New South Wales. This facility will be operational in time for the coming production season (2019) and will enable Red Jewel to not only continue to produce our F1 foundation stock, but also our F2 mother stock, in soilless substrate. Using industry best practice’s, this production system will then allow us to produce mother plants and plug plants from stock that has never come in contact with the soil, ensuring the highest quality plants are available to fruit growers for use in substrate base fruit production systems as well as the traditional soil based systems. Utilising this system will also enable us to produce plug plants of early producing varieties such as Red Rhapsody and Parisenne Kiss from the beginning of March, ahead of traditional ground produced runners. As Plug plants already have an established root system they require far less water to establish in the fruiting fields and suffer much less transplant stress. 

Red Jewel Research Farm

Red Jewel Nursery developed its Research farm in 2014 as a location to trial new variety releases and plant treatments in a controlled, local environment. This site also allows commercial growers to visit and view new varieties on a small scale “commercial-like” operation, without having to trial all new releases themselves. Growers can view varieties and make informed choices on which available releases they may wish to trial further under their own conditions as results may vary between individual farms.  

The Research Farm is aimed at working alongside Industry, for the benefit of Industry. Growers are welcome to visit the Research Farm by appointment with Red Jewel Nursery Grower Liaison, Elise Pike.


Why Choose Us?

We have been producing high quality runners for many years and have a proven track record of producing healthy plants which establish quickly after transplanting. We can supply runners Australia wide and have a number of varieties exclusive to our nursery which are becoming well accepted by consumers and are very grower friendly. We offer personalized service to meet your requirements.

Red Jewel is the only nursery in Australia that harvests and grades strawberry runners in the field. Our move to night harvesting during the 2016 harvest season emphasizes our commitment to producing the best possible plants for our customers. We have been producing high quality runners for many years and have a proven track record of producing healthy plants which establish quickly after transplanting.

In an industry dominated by production orientated companies, Red Jewel has made the commitment to expand to be a service orientated regime. The employment of a dedicated Grower Liaison and in conjunction with a Research Farm based at Wamuran on the Sunshine Coast, Red Jewel is uniquely placed to offer varietal and production advice to growers.

Are you looking for something new or different? Please contact us to discuss your requirements.