Welcome to Red Jewel Nursery

Red Jewel Nursery is a family owned and operated commercial strawberry plant nursery.  It runs two main nursery operations across Australia which are dedicated to propagating the highest quality plants to supply to commercial fruit growers throughout Australia.

While specialising in the supply of green top (leaf on) strawberry runners to commercial growers, Red Jewel Nursery has also invested in developing its own strawberry plug plant operation.

Red Jewel Nursery has a proven track record of producing healthy plants that establish quickly after transplanting.  Red Jewel Nursery is committed to being a service orientated business and providing assistance to their customers.

Our aim is not to be the biggest supplier of strawberry varieties in the market, but to be the company which supplies the highest quality plants to our customers. We are accredited under both the Australian Strawberry Propagators Association (ASPAA) and Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia (NIASA).

Please note that currently Red Jewel Nursery only supplies runners to commercial fruit growers. 

Please take some time and explore our web site and see what Red Jewel Nursery offers.