Red Jewel Nursery - Who are we?

Red Jewel Nursery is a family-owned business which has been supplying high quality strawberry plants to commercial fruit growers across Australia for over 20 years.

Our primary nursery is located at Ballandean in southern Queensland, which is for the production of “leaf on” short day bare root plants for supply to the winter production regions of Queensland and Western Australia. The Nursery is located 5km to the west of Ballandean, in the hills at the southern end of the Granite Belt in Southern Queensland at an altitude of 750 metres. The mixture of climate, fine sandy soil and altitude in addition to the significant water storage available has proven successful for the production of quality strawberry runners.

Red Jewel established a specialised strawberry plug plant nursery near Armidale in Northern New South Wales in 2018 in response to increasing demand from fruit growers for plug plants as growers look to change their production systems from “in-ground” to substrate production.  The site was chosen because of its temperate climate and abundant supply of good quality irrigation water. Being located at over 1000m of altitude provides cool nights and, in conjunction with having a high solar exposure, ensures that plants have an optimum growing environment prior to being dispatched to growers for early fruit production. We have significant scope to further develop this site as demand increases for plug plants.

Our Vision

Red Jewel Nursery’s vision is to produce premium plants which provide superior performance for our clientele.

Why Choose Us?

We have been producing high quality runners for many years and have a proven track record of producing healthy plants which establish quickly after transplanting.  We can supply strawberry plants Australia wide from both Australian and International strawberry breeding programs which are becoming well accepted by consumers and are very grower friendly.

Along with the strawberry plug plants, Red Jewel now produces all of its foundation and mother stock in substate systems resulting in only the final years production of bareroot runners being produced in the soil, minimising the potential for soil borne disease to infect the plants and ensuring the highest quality of plants are supplied to growers.

Red Jewel’s specialized harvesting process has been developed with a focus on the supply of premium quality plants whilst subjecting the plants to a minimum amount of stress resulting in improved plant establishment and performance for fruit growers.  Red Jewel is the only nursery in Australia that grades strawberry runners in the field as they are lifted at night.  Our move to night harvesting during the 2016 harvest season emphasizes our commitment to minimising plant stress and producing the best possible plants for our customers.  

In an industry dominated by production-orientated companies, Red Jewel is distinguished as high-quality and service-orientated. We have a reputation for integrity and ethics and are committed to providing the best quality plants and service for our customers.

Are you looking for something new or different? Please contact us to discuss your requirements.